A blog about my mid-life career change.

I toyed with retraining. I did. But I wasn’t ready to take off the teacher hat. I needed a side-step. I did keep up to date with training though: safeguarding, GDPR, prevent, online learning and special needs.

I looked for related jobs but there were limited options which all seemed poorly paid, working for someone else who was skimming the cream. I didn’t mind taking a salary cut. However, what I really wanted to do, was work smarter.

In the meantime, during lockdown two, I took a job with a company who offered online tuition to schools. It worked out well, the pay was okay. Whilst working for them, I recalculated my bottom line and the amount that ‘enough’ for me.

Then I discovered that teachers are actually in real demand and appreciated. No, not by schools, by parents! This is my first reincarnation then, tutoring.